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In an ecosystem that’s continuously evolving, it is critical for market participants to have reliable and efficient access to liquidity.

In addition to our traditional voice markets, Cumberland is pleased to introduce Marea, our latest tool aimed at enhancing the overall cryptoasset trading experience for our counterparties.

Marea offers a more institutional experience within the cryptoasset market, allowing for more flexibility for counterparties to manage their capital. With online features that benefit both trading and operational workflows, Marea includes:

Streaming, real-time two-way pricing for an array of cryptoassets

Industry leading security with two-factor authentication

Trade reconciliation features with exportable trade data

Ability to personalize, build and save unlimited trade page layouts

Other new features include:

In addition to Marea, we also offer an Application Programming Interface (API), which provides counterparties with programmatic access to liquidity.

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Why Cumberland?

We’re dedicated to delivering professional onboarding and relationship management, and timely and efficient settlements, so you can trade what you want, when you want.

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One of the world’s leading liquidity providers in cryptoassets offering frictionless access for our counterparties to this emerging asset class.

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Our global footprint enables us to provide around-the-clock trades and same-day responsiveness.

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Dedicated to timely counterparty communication and settlement with professional onboarding, value-added services, and relationship management.

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Comprehensive, on-demand settlement summaries, plus institutional-grade reporting and market insights across regions globally.