• The form must be completed in English
  • If you are submitting a document in a foreign-language (non-English), please also submit a corresponding version translated into English. An option to submit the English-language versions will be presented at the end of the form
  • Passports are required for non-U.S. persons when identification documents are requested for individuals
  • Color copies are required for all identification documents

Personal/employment information

  • Basic information (name, DOB, nationality, contact information)
  • U.S. social security number, tax identification number, or alien identification number, if applicable
  • Employment/source of funds information
  • If the source of funds is an ICO, provide the following information: whitepaper, terms & conditions, marketing materials, SAFT documentation, and legal opinion
  • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement)
  • Copy of a passport or other government-issued ID

Bank information/additional information

  • Bank account information (only required for initial onboarding; not required for KYC refresh)
  • Estimated total number of trades and value traded per month
  • Annual income/net worth information
  • Intended cryptoassets to trade