Gain exposure to the marketplace.

Access deep liquidity pools and better prices inaccessible to our competitors. Discreetly execute large orders at competitive spreads with minimal market impact.

Spot Cryptocurrency Liquidity

  • Institutional OTC liquidity in dozens of cryptocurrencies

  • No pre-funding required—capital efficient

  • Liquidity accessible via voice, chat, API or web-based platform

  • Time-weighted average price (TWAP) execution

  • Index-related structures

  • Multiple fiat currencies available: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY

  • Also providing liquidity on leading centralized and decentralized exchanges

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Listed Options and Futures

  • Leading provider for block trading and exchange traded derivatives

  • Liquidity provider for exchange-traded options in BTC and ETH

  • Futures/spot basis trading

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Bilateral Crypto Options

  • Bilateral trading of options via ISDA – BTC and ETH

  • Bespoke expiries and strikes to best match required exposure

  • Continuously adding capabilities in other coins and structured

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Non-deliverable Forwards

  • Bilateral trading of crypto forwards via ISDA - BTC and ETH, and more

  • Continuously adding capabilities in other coins

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