Building innovative solutions for the future.

While we provide institutional-size liquidity in crypto spot and derivatives today, we are also investing in smart, innovative and disruptive technologies for tomorrow.

Our principal investments.

We are a founding member of organizations dedicated to innovation, collaboration and the power of web3 and blockchain in the space.

Cumberland Labs supports new projects that have the potential to further democratize markets, make them more transparent and fuel efficiency in operations. Learn more .

Digital Asset supports the Global Economic Network, a new network-of-networks that not only grows economic value, but also enables it to flow freely, securely and with strict privacy across interconnected systems. Learn more about DAH and Canton.

Select crypto venture capital projects we support

We are active investors in firms that are working towards building the foundation for future growth, supporting them beyond the initial investment.


CREDIX is a decentralized credit marketplace connecting investors with FinTechs in emerging markets.


ParaSwap is a decentralized exchange aggregator that provides the best prices over multiple DEXs on the Ethereum blockchain.


Injective is the first blockchain to offer auto-executing smart contracts, which empower faster, more innovative, and groundbreaking applications.


The Mangrove is an order book-based DEX that allows liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers.


C3 is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy, margin trade, and earn using any wallet from any blockchain.


Vegas offers a decentralised infrastructure for the fair creation and trading of derivatives.


DFlow is the protocol powering the first decentralized order flow markets.


BlockGames is a web3 mobile game publisher. ‍
an environmental solution

Climate Vault

Co-founded by DRW and the University of Chicago, Climate Vault helps companies offset their carbon footprint by analyzing their impact and purchasing the offsetting amount of carbon pollution permits from regulated open markets which are locked away in their vault.
an environmental solution

Crusoe Energy

A DRW VC portfolio company, Crusoe’s mission is to eliminate routine flaring of natural gas and to reduce the cost of cloud computing. It repurposes the by-product of oil drilling to fuel the demand for computational power in the expanding digital economies.